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guls on Seller of colours...
we call dem kaaful..missin ..

Machin on Here past lives apart...
Beautiful picture! :) Love the words too.

Tasha on Here past lives apart...
As pretty as a picture gets! Love the low angle, the lady and your words, as always:)

Stuti on Here past lives apart...
What a beautiful low angle shot, the ground above her feet looks even more mesmerizing! Pretty lady and an equally good ...

Rajesh on Here past lives apart...
Really great low angle monochrome shot. Excellent use of natural vertical lines...

Shruti on A handful of happiness
Love this pic!

Jitesh Daga on A handful of happiness
It's awesome ... I just read about you !! It's great ... what u do !! And the pic is wonderful... ! :)

Stephanie on Skyfall...literally

Dimitrios on Skyfall...literally
cool flyer*

k@ on A stream flows through it
What a warm smile, lovely.

Sherlyn on White water currents in Rishikesh
beautiful image and words!

Lalit on Swaying to the rapture of the Ganges
Nice pic guys, I hope u all enjoy the rapids ;)

omid on You were once wild here, don't let them tame you.
:) very nice!

deepali on Three to tango...
Oh Dude ... this 1 is one of d best picha .. i like ur pets photo collections ..

Mukul on sublime poetry
Abhishek u did a great job...god bless u both...n abhi i am searching words

omid on The Black cat...
:) very nice! so beautiful colors!

B. Thomas on The Black cat...
Nice shot, and very true quote. ;-)

l'Angevine on The Black cat...
les couleurs sont vives

DarkElf on My humble abode!
wonderful scenery! lovely fresh and bright light and colour tones!

omid on My humble abode!
wow! very nice!!!! so beautiful colors & lights!

Philippe on My humble abode!
Très jolie vue... Pas d'hier, la tente !!! Have a good day

Amit Agarwal on My humble abode!

Ramakant on A wishful slumber
Love the angle from which the picture is taken.

David Ahrens on Window through the dark...
Wonderful compositional contrast between the hard stone and the soft greenery.

aativas on Window through the dark...
Hmm.. such is the life within and without ..

Bozo on Fernfly and her furry friends
So sweet :)

Picu07 on The other side of Desparado...
Haye....nw wat can i say....Best pic so far

Picu07 on Innocence thy name... the pic....nothing is beautiful than innocence of a child....

L'Angevine on Across the sky I see my shadow fly...
mon regard se porte sur leur jambe

Ally on shangri-la
love the silhouette, love the sky. very dramatic photo.

PRASHANT on If a picture typified friendship...

magiceye on If a picture typified friendship...
so sweet..

Divya on Three to tango...
I luuuurrrrve this pic!!! And that;s me in there-the white one! :) :)

Divya on Seller of colours...
I luv these wild berries- Kaaley Bhaurey we call them! :)

Abhishek Joshi on Whoever said diamonds were a lady's best friend...
Thanks Ira:) I tried accessing your blog but it returned an error...please give me the URL for your blog.

Ira on Whoever said diamonds were a lady's best friend...
What a lovely photo you've captured, Abhi! Good work. I love dogs too!! I have had many dogs in the past and at ...

ezequiel on Whoever said diamonds were a lady's best friend...
Hello my name is Ezequiel. Im from Argentina and photographer too. if you like, visit my web page in ...

sunint on rendezvous by the lake
So pure and just so serene!

sunint on Siblings forever!
The cutest two :)

sunint on Friends forever!
Awww.. Look at the sincerity with which he's sitting.. Lovely picture Abhi :) Just like a grandma telling a story ...

joshi daniel on Whoever said diamonds were a lady's best friend...
lovely and sweet :)))

Priya Nayar on Siblings forever!
Super pic! I have a brother who's my closest friend :D And if thr was no picture here (and of course, no mention ...

Priya Nayar on Whoever said diamonds were a lady's best friend...
What a lovely picture. I can almost feel the warmth. Feel like rushing back home to give Pumbaa a hug!

Portrait of Photography on Friends forever!
i thought at the start of the sentence, u were the one who wrote it. but when u put the name at the end...oh well, only ...

Nandhini on Friends forever!

Katalog Stron on Siblings forever!
nice image,exellent compo,bravo

Maddalena on Elegance, enchantress...enamour
Hi:) Great photo. I was once in Delhi but I never see this - interesting:). You have great ideas but your site is ...

umapoems on Behind black eyes...
So sweet...adorable chk my blog n support me

Nalini Hebbar on Where eagles dare...
Loved this picture!

Lolland on Behind black eyes...
such a crisp yet effective post... awesome pic... did you take it with a camera phone or a digicam.. Do check out my ...

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